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The fusion of mechanical and digital innovation is producing a new generation of superior products and services. New business models. New technologies. New competitive constellations. New industries. The digital revolution is in full swing. Technological developments are touching every aspect of life and business and are presenting enterprises with a range of utterly new challenges. Offering support to our clients in the face of this revolution is a key mission for us. Our Technology market segment group develops and bundles technology skills and all the related specialist legal knowledge.

Digitalisation and technology throw up new legal questions and complexes. Our lawyers analyse and appraise the complex interplay between corporate strategy, IT and law, offering practical solutions.

News & insights

News: 26 JULY 2021

Allen & Overy annonce la nomination de Laurie-Anne Ancenys en tant que Young Leader de la France China Foundation

Allen & Overy, cabinet d’avocats d’affaires de premier plan qui conseille depuis plus de 30 ans ses clients en France et à l’international, annonce la nomination de Laurie-Anne Ancenys, Counsel et…

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Publications: 16 DECEMBER 2019

Protection des lanceurs d’alerte (whistleblowers) : quelles obligations pour l’employeur ?

En vue de la transposition de la nouvelle directive sur les lanceurs d’alerte d’ici au plus tard le 17 décembre 2021, les employeurs devraient commencer une réflexion interne sur la mise en œuvre de…

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation, built on the IT cornerstones of cloud, mobile, social and big data is affecting all industries.

Our integrated, multidisciplinary teams are available to help clients smooth the path for digital projects.