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Employment and Benefits

Employment law at the highest level of quality – locally and globally

Our German Employment and Benefits team advises national and international companies on all aspects of collective labour and individual employment law. It represents clients at every level in labour courts.

In focus

Partners Markulf Behrendt, Dr Hans-Peter Löw, Thomas Ubber and counsels Boris Blunck, Dr Bettina Scharff, Dr Sebastian Schulz, Sören Seidel and Peter Wehner lead a team of more than 20 employment lawyers. We have extensive expertise in company sales and acquisitions, merger and integration processes as well as restructuring and outsourcing. We are experienced in negotiation strategies of employee representatives, their legal advisors and trade unions – from reconciliation of interests or social compensation plans, to conciliation committees and major reorganisations.

Our expertise

The team specialises in collective bargaining and industrial action law, HR compliance, co-determination at company level, company remuneration policies (variable remuneration systems and employee share plans) and company pension schemes as well as conclusion and termination of employment contracts with management board members and managing directors.

We have access to specialists in key industries:

  • automotive
  • banking
  • chemical
  • healthcare
  • IT
  • logistics
  • transport
  • insurance.

National and international legal directories regularly recommend our partners as leading legal advisors in German employment law.

International Employment and Benefits practice

We offer national and international companies comprehensive and effective legal advice on cross-border employment.

We work closely with the German Employment and Benefits team and many others.  

Noticias e Insights

Publications: 23 SEPTEMBER 2020

Trabajo a distancia: aplicación, costes, requisitos…todas las claves de la nueva regulación

El Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) ha publicado el 23 de septiembre el Real Decreto-Ley 28/2020, de 22 de septiembre, de trabajo a distancia (TAD), que deberá someterse a convalidación por el…

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Publications: 31 MARCH 2020

Más medidas laborales en España como consecuencia del Covid-19 coronavirus

Esta publicación contiene un resumen de las medidas laborales en España contenidas en el Real Decreto Ley 9/2020, de 27 de marzo, por el que se adoptan medidas complementarias, en el ámbito laboral,…

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Publications: 18 MARCH 2020

Covid-19: Las medidas laborales y de seguridad social ante la crisis provocada por el Covid-19

Nuevo Real Decreto-ley 8/2020

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Nuevo salario mínimo interprofesional se aprueba el incremento para el año 2020

Publications: 11 FEBRUARY 2020

Nuevo salario mínimo interprofesional: se aprueba el incremento para el año 2020

El pasado 6 de febrero entró en vigor el Real decreto 231/2020, de 4 de febrero, que incrementa la cuantía del salario mínimo interprofesional (el SMI) para el año 2020 (el RD).

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