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As a partnership, we have a responsibility to look at what we can do to ensure our people are fit and healthy - mentally and physically - and have a real chance of achieving their potential.

Our Minds Matter programme, created to support our people by focusing on mental health in the workplace, has three main aims:

  1. To establish a safe, supportive and open culture where we can discuss our mental health and that of those close to us.
  2. To create an eco-system of support for those who need it.
  3. To promote working practices that support positive mental health (such as iFlex, our global informal flexible working policy).

In 2019 the Board appointed our first Mental Health Partner, Christian Saunders. Christian is supported by 43 Mental Health Advocates – partners and senior support professionals from every major A&O office. Their role is to sponsor our Minds Matter programme locally by normalising mental health conversations and championing working practices that support positive mental health. 

Promoting positive mental health has to be a priority for any law firm that wants to look after its people. Creating a culture of openness is the first step in this journey and a leadership responsibility

Christian Saunders – board member and mental health partner