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Global M&A Insights:  Recalibrating risk

This report – focusing on trends in debt financing, energy and infrastructure deals, and M&A disputes – tests the current mood of investors as they try to make sense of a much-changed global transaction market, the challenge of valuing assets in uncertain times and the significant opportunities open to them.

Report highlights

  • Continued impact from the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic means global deal value and volume are still down.
  • Market is slowly returning in sectors that are more resilient to the effects of the pandemic.
  • Investors are getting better at securing assets seen as reliable and robust during a crisis.
  • An increasing trend in M&A disputes between buyers and sellers – will this lead to litigation?

Global M&A market resets - will there be a change in investor confidence?

There is a sense of change in the air in Q3, as investors become more adept at assessing the risks exposed by the global pandemic and go in search of assets that have proven their long-term resilience during the crisis.  

Debt finance remains on tap for buyers of Covid-19-robust businesses

Businesses that have survived the Covid-19 coronavirus crisis and have a robust business plan continue to attract potential buyers, with well-financed PE funds to the fore. Access to debt financing remains good for such deals. Those in more vulnerable sectors will struggle.

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Global M&A Insights: Recalibrating risk

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