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Global M&A Insights: Adjusting to adversity

This report charts the dramatic impact of Covid-19 coronavirus on M&A markets across sectors and regions, how it has accelerated key trends such as digitalisation and provoked political responses that will shape deal activity for the very long term.

Report highlights

  • A market transformed by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, as M&A deals stall.
  • Deals signed in 2020 show private M&A market practice has adjusted to this landscape.
  • New foreign direct investment controls unveiled across the globe, accelerated by Covid-19 coronavirus.
  • Covid-19 coronavirus has profound impact in U.S., Europe and China - how will M&A recover?
  • Increased digital transformation will drive deals and collaborations in retail, fintech and life sciences sectors.

A market utterly transformed, as M&A deals stall

Digital transformation, distressed deals and the search for cost efficiencies may reverse a slump in deal activity caused by the pandemic, but it will take time.

Global trends in private M&A: Covid-19 coronavirus update

Our exclusive analysis of private M&A deals signed so far this year show just how fundamentally the market has been changed since the Coronavirus crisis struck.

M&A analysis by sector

Pipeline gaps and digital will drive life sciences deals

The race to develop vaccines has put the sector centre-stage during the crisis, but left gaps in other R&D programmes that will be filled by M&A.

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Traditional retail faces fight for survival

The pandemic has severely damaged retail with lasting effects, but digital transformation and distressed deals are on the cards.

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Fintech deals enter temporary lull after Q1 surge

Strategic, high-value deals will likely resurface, after a temporary halt to the Q1 surge.

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Adjusting to adversity

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