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Dr Helge Schäfer



Schaefer Helge
Dr Helge Schäfer



Helge has wide experience advising on a range of international commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, joint ventures, MBOs and international corporate restructuring.  He is a member of the global Board of Allen & Overy.

News & insights

Publications: 06 DECEMBER 2019

Warsaw podcast - GDPR in M&A transactions - episode two

Justyna Ostrowska, senior associate in Allen & Overy Warsaw, advises clients on new technologies law as well as intellectual property rights and data protection.  In her podcast, she discusses the various stages of a M&A transaction in the light of the GDPR. This recording is devoted to the processing of employee data at the stage of sale transaction and data room preparation. We invite you to the second part of the podcast series dedicated to the employee data in M&A transactions.

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Publications: 03 DECEMBER 2019

Data ethics – why should you care?

The potentially limitless opportunities provided by data-driven insights make data one of the most valuable assets that organisations have at their disposal today. 

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Publications: 29 NOVEMBER 2019

Distorting mirrors: UK sanctions and Brexit

The UK’s various sanctions regimes are currently very strongly correlated, although not completely aligned, with those of the EU. This position arises, in part, from the direct applicability of certain EU laws within EU Member States (e.g. via EU regulations). Much of this EU law would cease to apply within the UK should the UK leave the EU without any new agreement being established to govern the future EU-UK relationship.

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Publications: 27 NOVEMBER 2019

New remuneration for renewable energy in Spain

More favourable treatment seeks to avoid the initiation of new arbitration proceedings and to terminate existing ones

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Allen & Overy LLP
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Admitted as German Rechtsanwalt, 1989


Dr iur, University of Hamburg, Germany, 1992

Second German Law Degree, 1989

First German Law Degree, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (Breisgau), 1985

Published work

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  • Schaefer H. (co-author) (2004) "Zum Anspruch des Grundstueckseigentuemers auf Nutzungsentgelt gemaess § 76 TKG auch ohne Vorliegen einer Grundstuecksbeeintraechtigung", commentary on BGH Urteil v. 14.05.2004 - V ZR 292/03, EWiR 2004, page 991,992
  • Schaefer H. (2003) "Venture-Capital-Vertraege", RWS Verlag Kommunicationsforum GmbH, 5/2003
  • Schaefer H., Ascherfeld N. (2007) "Die Reform des deutschen GmbH-Rechts durch das MoMiG", RWZ 10/2007
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  • Schaefer H., Huesdunk L. (2003) "Verfassungswidrigkeit der Sonderzustaendigkeit der Reg TP fuer Zustimmungen zur Verlegung von Telekommunikationslinien bei eigener Lizenznehmerschaft des Wegebaulasttraegers, § 50 TKG 1/03", EWiR 20/2003, page 1053
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  • Schaefer H. (2002) "Ausgleichsanspruch zu Gunsten des Besitzers eines Grundstuecks fuer durch Verlegung einer Telekommunikationsleitung erlittene Schaeden", EWiR 21/2002
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