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Pablo Mayor



Mayor Pablo
Pablo Mayor



Pablo is head of the Madrid Public law and Regulated Sectors Department. He has wide experience in advising the Administration and private entities in questions related to telecommunications, media, energy, transport, gambling, infrastructure, public procurement and public law litigation. He is a State Lawyer since 1990 and in 1996 was appointed junior minister of the Public Works Ministry, which held the competences over the infrastructure, telecommunications and transport sectors. He's been member of the Board of Directors of RENFE, AENA, GIF and ENATCAR. He is the author of numerous publications on the sectors previously mentioned.

Pablo is highly recommended for his excellent work in the main legal directories such as Chambers & Partners.

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Admitted as solicitor, Spain, 1988


Degree in Law, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1988)

Premio Extraordinario de Licenciatura 1988, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Published work


Co-author of "Comment on articles 98 to 102 of Hydrocarbon Law", Civitas, 2010.

"The legal system governing the construction, extension and maintenance of airports", The Master Plans' Ed. Civitas, 2005.

Co-author of "Internet, a prophecy", Editorial Ariel, 2002.

Co-author of "Comments on the Constitution: The Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court", 926 pages of systematic comment, article by article, regarding our Fundamental Regulations, CEURA, S.A, 1993.

Chapters in books

"Fundamental lessons of Public Law (general part and special part)", Thomson Reuters, 2015. Chapters 68 and 69.

"Public works in the Community of Madrid: roads, railways and airports", included in a new edition of the comments on the Statute of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, 2004.

"Sport and law", chapter in the book "Sport … and more", Editorial La Ley, 2003.

"Outlook of Telecommunications in Spain", chapter included in the book "Cable Telecommunications", El Consultor, 2000.

"Reflections on the situation of the State Lawyer as a member of the Board of Directors of the Port Authorities", chapter included in the book "Legal Aid to the State and Public Institutions", Editorial Aranzadi, 2000.

"Telecommunications Law", chapter included in the book, "The new legal framework for The New Telecommunications and Audio-Visual Services", co-ordinated by Gloria Calvo, Cuaderno de Derecho Judicial, 1999, pages 81 to 123.

­Co-ordinator of "The liberalisation of telecommunications in a global world", Editorial la Ley-Actualidad. Author of the following chapter thereof: "New perspectives in the regulation of telecommunications in Spain",1999, pages 37 to 52.

"The control exerted by the Constitutional Court over the Government and the Administration. Conflicts of competence", included in the book, "Public Administrations and the Constitution, Reflections on the 20th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution", INAP, 1999, pages 761 to 776.

"Jurisdiction regarding public works, transportation and infrastructures", included in the book "Observations on the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Madrid", CAM, 1999, pages 727 to 757.

"Regulatory Framework for Railway Transport", chapter included in the book "Railway Infrastructures of the Third Millenium", Cedecs Editorial, 1999.

"Comments on the Public Administration Contracts Law" edited by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry for Development and the Official State Gazette, 1997, Article 86 to 91 and 94, pages 313 to 341.

"The penalising regime under Telecommunications Ordinance Law", included in the book "Telecommunications Law", co-ordinated by Mr Cremades, La Ley 1997, pages 681 to 702.

"Satellite Telecommunications", chapter included in the book, "Ordinance of Telecommunications", published in Cuadernos de Derecho Judicial by the C.G.P.I., 1997, co-ordinated by C. Chinchilla Martín, 1997, pages 151 to 174.

Co-ordinator of "Legal Regime for Professional Football" and author of three chapters thereof: "The organisation the professional football competition within Sports Law and its developing legislation" (pages 53 to 74), "Public Limited Sports Companies: positive nature. Consequences of their legal regime", (pages 95 to 124), "Discipline in sport: its configuration under our regulations", (pages 275 to 310), Editorial Civitas, 1997.

"Participation in the training of the Executive", included in the book "The European Parliaments and the European Parliament", 1997, pages 187 to 199.


"Services contracts. General regime and excluded contracts", European  Union News, 2010.

"There are no legal doubts in the ≠novullpagar", La Vanguardia, 29 May 2012, page 5.

 "Mortgages: Legal security and justice", ABC, 3 April 2011, page 7.

 "Private Financing of Infrastructures", Expansión, 2003.

"Protection of Fundamental Rights and EU law" presentation given at the Directorate General of the State Legal Service Seminar in 1993, on "The Spanish Constitution and EU Law", published in the Official State Gazette, 1996.

"On the joint liability of legal entities and their administrators on administrative sanctioning law (special reference to the securities market)", article published in issue 87 of the Spanish Journal of Administrative Law, July-September 1995,

"Reflections on the role of a national judge in view of the contradiction between domestic law and EU law", article published in issue 135 of the Journal of Public Administration, September-December, 1994.