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Dr Jens Matthes



Matthes Jens
Dr Jens Matthes



Jens specialises in trade mark, design, patent and trade secrets law, unfair competition law, licensing and R&D projects, as well as employee inventions, anti-counterfeiting and the transfer and exploitation of intellectual property rights. He also advises and represents companies in court cases, in particular with regard to interlocutory relief, but also in developing and implementing image campaigns and product advertising, as well as in contract negotiations and corporate transactions.

Jens has constantly been shortlisted as “A leader in his field” in Trademark & Unfair Competition by Chambers Europe for several years.

In Chambers Global 2015 he is described by clients as “very responsive, pragmatic and conscious of the commercial realities.” and in Chambers Global 2014 by “impressed interviewees” as “very responsive, communicative and creative in his approach”.

Furthermore, he is repeatedly named as “one of the best lawyers for intellectual property in Germany” by Best Lawyers/Handelsblatt 2015.

Acquisition International awarded Jens and his team “Trademark Law Firm of the Year 2013” and “Unfair Competition Law Firm of the Year 2014” (Germany).

IAM Patents 1000 “The world’s leading patent practitioners” states in 2015 that “his persuasive intercession routinely leads to the inking of commercially advantageous deals.” and calls Jens in 2014 a “licensing guru” und ranks him as a “highly recommended individual” in this field.

World Trademark Review WTR 1000 “The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals” lists Jens Matthes as a “recommended expert” in Germany: “He has a strong reputation for protecting the core brands of clients, particularly company names and logos” (Germany, 2014/15).

Jens is an active member of INTA and LES and regularly publishes and speaks on topics in his field of expertise.

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Dreischeibenhaus 1
40211 Duesseldorf

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Admitted as German Rechtsanwalt, 2001


Dr iur, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany, 2005

Second German Law Degree, 2001

First German Law Degree, 1998

Published work

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