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Jason Rix

Senior Prof Support Lawyer


Jason Rix

Senior Prof Support Lawyer


Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Jason has a varied commercial litigation practice which includes data protection, cyber security, privilege, sanctions, state immunity, conflicts of laws, EU law and English contract law.

A while back, Jason was seconded to BT for nine months where he helped negotiate key supplier contracts for BT's £10 billion 21st Century Network.  This experience still serves as a vivid reminder of what it is like in-house.

He is a member of the CCBE European Private Law Committee and sat on the FMLC working group looking at Distributed Ledger Technology and Governing Law.

In 2016, he set up Compact Contract ( a blog focused on English contract law.

News & insights

Publications: 06 MARCH 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus: 10 key points for effective contingency planning

Covid-19 coronavirus is at the top of the agenda for businesses globally, for good reason. Here are 10 key points to consider to ensure your business is fully prepared.

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Publications: 25 FEBRUARY 2020

Legal advice privilege subject to “dominant purpose” test – how to deal with multi-party email communications

The dominant purpose of a communication must be to obtain, or give, legal advice for legal advice privilege to apply.  The Court of Appeal considers how, in the light of this, to analyse privilege and internal multi-party email communications between in-house lawyers and non-lawyer employees. Three Rivers No. 5 is criticised but acknowledged to be binding: The Civil Aviation Authority v Jet2.Com Ltd, R. (on the Application of) [2020] EWCA Civ 35.

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Publications: 29 NOVEMBER 2019

UK Jurisdiction Taskforce: The LawTech Delivery Panel Legal statement on cryptoassets and smart contracts

The UK Jurisdiction Taskforce carried out a consultation earlier this year to identify the key questions that needed to be answered about English law's approach to cryptoassets and smart contracts. Following input from relevant stakeholders, including Allen & Overy, UKJT published its legal statement on the 18th November 2019.

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Publications: 22 OCTOBER 2019

Data protection representative “class” action gets the go ahead

Did you have an iPhone in 2011/2012? I still had a BlackBerry. If I had had an iPhone, I would have been a member of the class of more than four million users on whose behalf Mr Lloyd makes this claim. It is alleged that Google tracked, surreptitiously, some of the internet activity of those users, so infringing rights protected by data protection legislation. The litigation is interesting for two reasons: it shows that you can claim damages under data protection legislation without proving any financial loss or even distress; and, it considers what is required for a representative action to be brought for this claim: Lloyd v Google LLC [2019] EWCA Civ 1599

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Admitted as solicitor, England and Wales, 2001

Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings)


BA Law, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, 1997

MA, Law, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, 2001

LPC, 1998