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Ellen Birkemeyer



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Ellen Birkemeyer



Ellen has more than 20 years of experience in advising clients on national and international tax matters as well as on implementing tax risk resp. tax compliance management systems.

She is in particular experienced in advising tax departments of German Blue Chips on optimising their organizational structures as well as automating their processes. Ellen has been recently named one of Germany’s top advisors regarding tax compliance and process optimisation by Germany’s business weekly WirtschaftsWoche.

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Dreischeibenhaus 1
40211 Duesseldorf

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Admitted as a certified Tax Advisor (Germany), 2004

Admitted as a Lawyer (Germany), 2001


Second State Examination, Law, District Court Bochum, 2001

First State Examination, Law, University Bielefeld, 1998

Other noteworthy experience 


  • Tax departments of German Blue Chips within the S/4 HANA transformation.
  • Tax department of a German Blue Chip in implementing a digital solution for administrating and executing their tax cms (roll-out to more than 400 entities).
  • Tax department of a German Blue Chip in rolling out the tax cms to foreign subsidiaries.
  • Certification of tax cms according to the audit standard IDW PS 980.

Published work

  • Birkemeyer/Blaufuß/Keck/Reinecke/Trenn (2019), “Umfang und Inhalt von Steuerstrategien: Analyse veröffentlichter Steuerstrategien britischer Unternehmen”, DB 51/2019
  • Birkemeyer/Blaufuß/Keck/Reinecke/Trenn (2019), “Internationale Tax Compliance Management Systeme”, WPg 11.2019 (part 1)/12.2019 (part 2)
  • Birkemeyer/Blaufuß/Keck/Reinecke/Trenn (2019), “Kooperative Tax Compliance-Programme: Ein internationaler Vergleich”, DStR 2019, 121 (part 1)/178 (part 2)
  • Birkemeyer/Brödel/Jacobs/Stauder (2018), “Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf die Implementierung eines Tax CMS im Unternehmen“, WPg 2018, 779
  • Birkemeyer/Koch (2016) “Die Steuerfunktion im Wandel“, UbG 2/2016