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Dr Andre Wandt


Frankfurt am Main

Wandt Andre
Dr Andre Wandt


Frankfurt am Main

Since joining the corporate department of Allen & Overy LLP in May 2006, Andre, a German Rechtsanwalt and Counsel in our Frankfurt office, has gained broad experience in advising especially listed stock corporations on legal issues concerning the German stock corporation law, the law of affiliated companies, corporate governance, as well as on capital markets law. In addition, Andre advises on compliance questions, the German law of limited liability companies and on the German law of foundations. 

Noteworthy experience includes advising:

  • Mr. Andreas Goer on the of his 29% shareholding in listed VTG AG.
  • Several listed companies, including DAX and MDAX blue chips regarding ongoing corporate law advice on stock corporation and capital market law issues, including preparation of the Annual General Meetings.
  • Several international banks in the Brexit-related relocation of their operations to Germany, including the establishment of subsidiaries in Germany and related asset transfers.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance on German stock corporation law issues, in particular with regard to the composition of the governing bodies.
  • Deutsche Telekom AG on the hive-down of the T-Home division to T-Mobile Deutschland. With the hive-down, the company will pool its domestic landline and mobile businesses in a single company
  • SAP on its USD3.4bn tender offer for NYSE-listed SuccessFactors, Inc. and its approximately USD6.7bn tender offer for NASDAQ-listed Business Object.
  • A non-German tourism company on diverse shareholder litigations in its role as the main shareholder in a German listed company.
  • KATHREIN SE on the corporate aspects its restructuring.


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Frankfurt am Main

Bockenheimer Landstraße 2
60306 Frankfurt am Main

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Rechtsreferendar, Germany, 2000

Assessor, Germany, 2006

Admitted as German Rechtsanwalt, 2006


First German Law Degree, 2002

Dr iur, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany, 2004

Second German Law Degree, 2006

Published work

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  • Wandt A. (2006) "Die Auswirkungen des Vorstandsvergütungs-Offenlegungsgesetzes auf das Auskunftsrecht gemäß § 131 Abs. 1 Satz 1 AktG", DStR 2006, page 1460-1464
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