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UPC Steps required before opening the doors

UPC – Steps Required before Opening the Doors

Status of ratification in the UK

Status of ratification in the UK

Ratification of UPCA

Status of Ratification - UPCA

Note 1: Scotland initially requested its own local division, but this now appears unlikely.

Note 2: Greece published draft legislation in March 2017 which indicated that Greece would be the seat either of a local or regional division. It has been reported that Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania and Slovenia are considering establishing a regional division, of which Greece may be the seat.

Note 3: The referendum must be authorised by act of parliament. The "heads" of such a bill were approved on 23 July 2014 and the bill was included on the Legislative Programme for Spring/Summer 2017, but was not in fact introduced. It was not included on the Legislative Programme for the Autumn Session 2017, but does feature in the current Spring/Summer 2018 Legislative Programme.

Note 4: Luxembourg and Malta have announced that they do not intend to establish local divisions nor join regional divisions, but instead will cases directly to the Central Division.

Note 5: Portugal has indicated a wish to join a regional division.