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Great Fund Insights webinar: Qualifying Asset Holding Companies - Opening the door for UK alternative fund structures

From April 2022, the UK will introduce a new tax regime for qualifying asset holding companies (QAHCs) as part of the government’s ongoing plans to enhance the competitiveness of UK funds and alternative investment vehicle structures. But what do the changes mean? 

In this webinar, members of the Allen & Overy Tax Group, James Burton, Sorsha Reilly and Naomi Lawton discuss the scope and features of the new rules, and their implications for the funds industry generally.

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • The direct tax treatment of fund holding structures and their investors prescribed by the new regime, as well as application of indirect taxes to these structures;
  • Requirements for application of the regime, in particular looking at conditions relating to the entity’s activities, investment strategy and ownership structure, as well as anticipating potential areas of difficulty;
  • The types of investors, funds and assets most likely to be able to benefit from the new rules;
  • Specific provisions relating to election, entry and exit from the regime as well as other administrative, procedural and reporting requirements;
  • Interaction of the new regime with other jurisdictions and relevant double tax treaties;
  • Practical domestic and global implications for the funds industry, including possible applications; and
  • How best to pronounce “QAHC”.

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