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The Insurance Disputes Law Review - 4th edition - France

The Insurance Disputes Law Review provides a practical overview of recent developments in insurance disputes across major jurisdictions worldwide. It examines the key features of the legal framework governing insurance-related disputes in each jurisdiction, covering substantive and procedural issues, recent litigation trends and much more.

Erwan Poisson (partner) and Julie Metois (senior associate) contributed to the publication of the 4th edition with the France chapter.

In this chapter, they highlight that the new legal developments have not resulted in major changes this year. Most of the changes provide clarifications about well-established rules of insurance disputes in substantive and procedural terms that are helpful for practitioners. Nonetheless, the evolution of the insurance market and recent trends within insurance litigation raise many thorny issues that remain unresolved. At the moment, however, the most pressing issue is undoubtedly the insurance disputes that have arisen as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and the insurability of health crises.

The 4th edition of The Insurance Disputes Law Review was published in December 2021.