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The Digital Financial Instruments Law

Main changes to Law Decree No. 25/2023

On 15 May 2023, Law no. 52 of 10 May 2023, converting into law the Law Decree no. 25/2023 (DFIL) concerning the issuance and transfer of digital financial instruments, was published in the Italian Official Gazette and entered into force the day after (the Converting Law).

Following our previous publication on the most significant provisions set out in the DFIL (available here), we have set out a schematic note summarizing some of the main changes introduced by the Converting Law. 

*Under Article 4(1)(c-bis) of the DFIL, “Register” is defined as “a register within the meaning of Article 2, point 2, of the Regulation 2022/858 which is used to issue digital financial instruments in accordance with the provisions laid down by the DFIL.

Find out more on the following PDF.