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Taiwan Insights webinar: Global trade secret protection - what Taiwan businesses need to know

Trade secrets continue to be a critical challenge for Taiwanese businesses as global competition and tech innovation continues to grow. 

Taiwan businesses have several methods to protect their trade secrets beyond domestic legal pathways.

In this webinar, we will discuss at a base level the proprietary and valuable business information that qualifies as trade secrets, how different jurisdictions view trade secret protections and what immediate actions Taiwanese companies can do—both civilly and criminally—to protect their trade secrets, and what to bear in mind when in receipt of third parties’ trade secrets to protect yourself against claims of misuse of those trade secrets.

About A&O Taiwan Insights:

This special webinar series is dedicated to the discussion of critical legal and business issues affecting Taiwanese corporates. In-house counsel and executives will hear from leading interdisciplinary and multijurisdictional A&O experts on a wide range of trending topics and developments. These discussions will provide high-level guidance to Taiwanese businesses and their global commercial strategy.

Date and time of webinar

June 28, 2022

3:00-4:00pm CST (UPC +8)