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Podcast: Selecting your Fund Domicile - Ireland

The next episode of Selecting your Fund Domicile covers topical fund trends in Ireland. A&O Middle East Funds & Asset Management Partner Kamar Jaffer moderates a discussion about key legal, regulatory and sustainability trends in the funds space led by A&L Goodbody Partners, Brian McDermott and Stephen Carson. 

Selecting your Fund Domicile is a series of video podcasts that focuses on manager considerations for setting up a fund and choosing the most appropriate domicile. Featuring leading offshore law firms, this Q&A series will explore some of the benefits and legal and regulatory considerations for each offshore location, including the British Virgin Islands, the Channel Islands, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Ireland, Cyprus, the Isle of Man and Mauritius. We will also cover FAQs on how to choose a domicile for your fund and why offshore jurisdictions have become a key choice for global alternative investment funds. 

About speakers

Brian McDermott is Head of the A&L Goodbody Asset Management & Investment Funds group. He has extensive experience in the structuring, establishment and authorisation of all types of investment funds including UCITS, AIFs and non-regulated funds. In addition to advising the promoters and investment managers of such funds, he advises fund investors, fund directors, lenders to funds and fund service providers on relevant Irish law, regulation and market practice. Brian also advises on all aspects of the regulation of asset management and fund servicing activities in Ireland.

Stephen Carson is a partner in the A&L Goodbody Asset Management & Investment Funds group. He advises international asset management firms and investment banks in relation to the establishment and authorisation of all types of investment funds including UCITS, AIFs, exchange traded funds (ETFs), money market funds, hedge funds, private equity and other private funds, credit funds and property funds as well as on fund financings and on authorisation of UCITS management companies and alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs).

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