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Questions about CRISPR

18 April 2017

A huge industry will grow from its innovation, but the IP environment around CRISPR is far from established. Marc Döring and Daniel Lim investigate.

The discovery of the potential of CRISPR and its first characterisation in the form of the CRISPR/Cas9 system represents a true revolution in the life sciences field. It is best known as a method that allows for the accurate and targeted cutting of DNA to enable editing of genes, but variants can accomplish a wide range of other extremely useful effects, including modulation of gene expression. The power and versatility of the system has opened the door to advances in a wide range of industries, including human therapeutics, animal health, agriculture and bioindustry. CRISPR has the potential to revolutionise any industry in which molecular biology and genetic technology play a part.

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This article was first published in IP Magazine.