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Propel: Standard Essential Patents and the self-driving industry

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Keller Paul B
Paul B Keller


New York

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Jill Ge
Jill Ge



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Por David
David Por



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Ridgway Mark
Mark Ridgway



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29 July 2021

SEPs and FRAND – two legal issues that have resulted in global patent disputes in the mobile device space is now beginning to make its presence known in the automotive industry.

Paul Keller, our New York partner and host of Propel, sits down with three legal experts to discuss the issues from a global perspective:  From China, Jill Ge, one of A&O’s IP litigation colleagues; from France, partner David Por; and from the United Kingdom, partner Mark Ridgway.  

Collectively, this group has over 25 years of experience addressing SEP/FRAND issues, and in this episode, they walk us through a basic understanding of what these patents are, the legal issues they raise, and what to consider as the global disputes begin to take shape.


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