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Podcast: The current state of the Hydrogen market: Macquarie’s view

The applications for hydrogen are limitless. It has potential as a sustainable energy carrier, for energy storage and it has various applications in the heavy industry, and this only scratches the surface.

However, tapping into the potential will require major effort and significant investment in for example hydrogen infrastructure. The path to success is far from paved but may not be as daunting as we think.

In this three part podcast series Jochem Spaans, Marinus Winters, Charles Honée, Michael Diosi and Matthias Voss together with Willem Stitselaar from Macquarie Capital examine where we are now, where the market is headed and what the growing pains are.

In part 1, Corporate partner Charles Honée, speaks with senior manager director at Macquarie Capital Willem Stitselaar, together, they discuss insights and trends, their own experience doing hydrogen projects and the opportunities for businesses and investors and society as a whole.

You can find the other parts of the podcast series on hydrogen here:

Part 2: Is the Netherlands ready for Hydrogen? An update on the regulatory framework
Part 3: Lesson learnt from hydrogen projects the Middle East and AsiaPac


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