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Podcast: Recent development relating to private placement of debt securities in Indonesia

In Episode 10 of G&R Airtime, we provide a brief overview of the recent regulatory framework regarding private placement of debt securities and sukuk issuances in Indonesia.

Since November 2019, the Indonesian financial services authority (the OJK) has regulated private placement under OJK Regulation No.30/POJK.04/2019 (the Regulation). Under the Regulation, the OJK introduced certain criteria for private placement, the concept of eligible issuers and purchasers and procedures for private placement. This was a shift towards more stringent regulation, which has come with its challenges. Listen to our experts discuss:

  • The requirements of the Regulation relating to private placement of debt securities, including the issuance of convertible bonds, and sukuk issuances in Indonesia;
  • The issues that arise in practice in complying with the Regulation, as well as concerns market participants have about its implementation;
  • What the OJK has done to address these issues and concerns, and in particular the recent letter issued by the OJK to clarify implementation of the Regulation; and
  • What the market outlook for private placement in Indonesia is in light of the OJK’s approach.

This episode is delivered in English.

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