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Podcast: Legal advisors and consultants – two sides of the same coin

G&R Airtime is joined by Sally Dewar, CEO of A&O Consulting, to talk about how consultants can add significant value to businesses when it comes to interpreting and implementing legal advice in a way that fits strategically with their business model.

Sally discusses how A&O Consulting, Allen & Overy’s regulatory consulting business, was established out of client demand for considered and practical advice on how to comply with legal requirements but also advice on how to achieve their business objectives in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Listen to this episode to find out more about: 
  • How consultants can work closely with legal advisors across a range of mandates in order to help a business to effectively implement legal advice;
  • Specific examples of how A&O Consulting has supported businesses and organisations to execute growth plans whilst ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements; and
  • The benefits of engaging a consultant at the outset of a mandate to ensure that appropriate solutions can be sought.

This episode is delivered in English.

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