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Podcast: Indonesia’s proposed Omnibus Law – a new business licensing regime

Staying on the topic of Indonesia’s proposed Omnibus Law, this week on G&R Airtime we discuss how the new law will affect the business licensing regime in Indonesia.

Under existing laws, it can be difficult for businesses and investors to know what permits and licenses are required, how to obtain them and in what order they should be applied for. The Omnibus Law aims to simplify and streamline the business license process across almost all business sectors. In this episode we discuss:
  • The main areas of change that can be expected in the business licensing regime;
  • Whether the new provisions address investors’ concerns around the existing complexity in relation to licensing;
  • The potential effect on investor appetite to establish businesses in Indonesia; and
  • Some key issues that have been raised in relation to the proposed changes.

NOTE:  this podcast and previous episodes were recorded prior to the enactment of the Omnibus Law in Indonesia and therefore the views expressed in these episodes are based on the draft legislation.

This episode is delivered in English.

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