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Podcast: Bill 7637 - a new era for crypto-securities?

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28 September 2020

Luxembourg is about to add the missing piece to its legislative framework to enable the issuance of crypto-securities using decentralised ledger technology (“DLT”).

In this podcast, Natacha Oskian is joined by Philippe Noeltner, a lawyer and associate who is part of Allen & Overy’s Luxembourg International Capital Markets team, to discuss the following:

  • the objectives of Bill 7637 concerning the issuance of dematerialised securities on DLT devices, such as blockchain and Ethereum;
  • the importance of Bill 7637 for Luxembourg Capital Markets ecosystem and how this Bill may lead to a new era for crypto-securities in Luxembourg;
  • the use of DLT-based wallets to operate an issuer’s issuance account, and investors’ securities accounts;
  • how both legal certainty and investor protection are ensured; and
  • grey areas and opportunities.


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