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Podcast: A closer look at Indonesia’s employment law in light of Covid-19

This week on G&R Airtime, our lawyers discuss employment law and regulations in Indonesia and address some of the many questions that employers are facing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This is an area of law which has been thrust into the spotlight since the outbreak of Covid-19. Employers are having to grapple with the constantly changing situation on the ground as well as with government regulations which have turned standard working practices upside down. In this episode, we explain the legal and regulatory framework affecting:

  • Employers’ ability to impose measures to reduce salaries;
  • Termination of employment contracts, including the circumstances in which an employer is entitled to terminate the employment and whether employees are entitled to compensation;
  • The position relating to sick pay and sick leave, in particular in the context of employees having to “self-isolate” as a result of the pandemic;
  • What the situation is for those employees who are not able to work from home; and
  • How the pandemic will affect working norms going forward.

This episode is delivered in English.

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