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Podcast #6: Insights for trustees in Asia Pacific - trustees, tech and the end of LIBOR

In our latest edition of Trust Us, a podcast addressing hot topics for trustees in Asia Pacific, Holly Hart from our Corporate Trust & Agency team moderates a discussion covering the role of advanced delivery services in creating efficiencies and considerations for LIBOR remediation.

Trustees, agents and tech - competing in an advanced-delivery world

Technology is rapidly changing the way we work. Alana Burton from our Dubai office talks about the latest in advanced delivery and how trustees and agents can maximise the benefits of advanced delivery, such as LegalTech, project management or flexible resourcing options, to create significant project efficiencies.

The LIBOR Sunset - trustee and agent readiness and how we can help

The end is near for LIBOR and trustees and agents are preparing for the transition. Louisa Ingham from our London office shares the latest on the transition to risk-free rates and explains the types of deals that could fall under LIBOR remediation, as well as key considerations for the process.

You will also hear from Tim Beech, Head of our Asia Pacific Corporate Trust & Agency team on what he is keeping in view at present, such as the growing trend for holders to consider replacing trustees on defaulted bonds.

The Trust Us series presents succinct overviews of hot topics for trustees in the APAC market and these podcasts are based on webinars hosted for clients. Please note this episode was recorded on 9 September 2021 and references developments occurring at that time.


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