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Podcast #4: Insights for Trustees in Asia Pacific - latest developments in the loan market

The fourth episode of Trust Us, a podcast hosted by Allen & Overy’s APAC Corporate Trust and Agency team.

This episode discusses the following areas:

  • The Loan Market – What’s happening (and what’s not) as 2020 draws to a close

We provide an update of activity in the loan market and how loan agents can be most effective, from the perspectives of the Banks and the Borrowers.

  • Refinancings, Restructurings and Releases of Security – The role of loan agents 

We dig into the technical aspects of the roles performed by various agents in refinancings, facility restructurings and security releases and, in particular, examine timing considerations that are relevant for the smooth completion of these often-complex transactions.

The Trust Us series presents succinct overviews of hot topics for Trustees in the APAC market and these podcasts are based on webinars hosted for clients.  Please note this episode was recorded on 9th December 2020 and references developments occurring at that time.


You can listen to the podcasts on the following: 


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