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Outbound: a publication for GCs of U.S. corporates

07 July 2014

Welcome to the second issue of Outbound – a thought leadership series for U.S. GCs.

Managing risks when doing business outside the U.S. continues to be the theme for this issue of Outbound. We begin with sanctions. Now seen by many as being Brussels’ default mechanism in trying to influence the behavior of foreign governments, the EU is rapidly catching up with the U.S. when it comes to the complexity and nuances of its sanctions regime. We touch on ways to stay ahead of the different regimes. We also look at the global compliance challenges presented by anti-bribery and anti-corruption measures, particularly in M&A. What are the risks if, for example, a buyer has had to compromise on the pre-signing diligence?

Lastly, our focus turns to the action that is being taken by some states to alleviate concerns about investing in emerging markets and how this can shape investment structures.

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