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Important modifications to the Spanish Competition Rules (the ECN + Directive implemented in Spain)

On 27 April 2020, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved Royal Decree Law 7/2021  (the Omnibus RDL) implementing several directives of the European Union into the Spanish legal system, including the ECN + Directive  (the ECN + Directive). 

The ECN+ Directive is intended to provide national competition authorities, in the case of Spain, the National Competition and Markets Commission (the CNMC) and the Spanish regional authorities, with the necessary means to apply competition rules more effectively.

In this publication we briefly summarise, first, the most relevant amendments that, in our opinion, the Omnibus RDL has brought about. Secondly, we list those aspects that for the time being the Omnibus RDL does not contemplate, but could make it into the Spanish legal regime after the Parliamentary validation of the Omnibus RDL.