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Market Horizons podcast: Voluntary carbon credits - an in depth look

01 December 2022

In this episode of Allen & Overy's Market Horizons podcast Series, U.S. Project Finance Partner Sam Kamyans, is joined by Muireann Mageras, Head of Environmental Strategy & Advisory at Vertree, an integrated carbon solutions provider wholly owned by Hartree Partners, to provide an in depth view of key financing developments in the voluntary carbon credits (VCC) markets.

Our speakers discuss the voluntary carbon credit markets, focusing on how voluntary elements can accelerate the energy transition while reducing overall carbon footprints. As the market evolves, voluntary carbon credits can generate a revenue stream that can be used to finance projects that remove carbon emissions from an industrial process.

The speakers go on to differentiate voluntary credits from regulatory credits, noting the strong market based solutions available when emitters choose to participate in a voluntary system.

Notably, they discuss that the imperatives to do this increasingly come from financial markets, as the rise of ESG and sustainability-linked financing, paired with increasing consumer awareness and pressure from younger generations of buyers as well as shareholders alike, have prompted corporates to think more about these issues. 


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