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Legal innovation webinar recording: Reporting the value of legal services

As demonstrating the value of legal functions becomes increasingly important, ensuring that you are able to effectively illustrate the positive impact the function brings is key for legal leadership.

Catie Butt, A&O Consulting’s executive director, and legal process improvement lead Owain Worman, give practical advice on how in house teams can communicate the value they add value to a business.

Our recent research in our Legal Innovation Benchmarking Report found that a growing number of General Counsel and legal operations leaders are exploring how to make better use of the data available to them. Not only can data help legal management teams to better track what is happening across their teams and operations to enhance performance, it can also help to anticipate and avoid risk. Crucially, it can also demonstrate the value that legal and compliance brings to the wider business in achieving its strategic goals and objectives.

This seminar offers key insight to the key steps teams should follow when transforming their approach to KPIs and metrics, including where to begin when implementing a programme from scratch. The session showcased the value of the potential insights and how to effectively make use of KPIs and metrics, as well as highlighting the pitfalls to be avoided in both designing and interpreting metrics and KPIs.

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