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Great Fund Insights podcast: Spotlight on opportunities in alternative investments in the U.S.

This timely discussion is part of a series of Allen & Overy conversations on opportunities in alternative investments across our global funds network.

New York based partner, Jillian Ashley and Middle East based counsel, Kamar Jaffer put the spotlight on the US as they discuss opportunities in alternative investments and market trends from both the manager and investor perspective.

Topics discussed in this podcast include:

  • Recent trends in the US fund raising environment
  • How managers have navigated the challenges of Covid-19
  • Investment strategies and opportunities in the US
  • Impact of Biden’s administration and upcoming legal and regulatory developments
  • Institutional investors focus on good citizenship and governance
  • Shifts in fund terms in favour of investors
  • Creativity of fund managers and product developments
  • Developments in secondaries
  • The industry’s emphasis on ESG

This Great Fund Insights podcast will be of interest to sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, family offices, fund managers and portfolio companies with a focus on the US.


You can listen to the podcasts on the following: 


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