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Great Fund Insights podcast: Perspectives on ESG in the Middle East with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

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23 November 2021

This timely discussion is part of a series of Allen & Overy conversations to explore different perspectives on ESG in the Middle East with key industry players in the region.

Funds and asset management counsel, Kamar Jaffer is joined by Emmanuel Givanakis, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority at the ADGM. They discuss the role regulators can play in identifying and managing ESG factors within the Middle East.

Topics discussed in this podcast include:

  • ADGM’s approach to regulatory requirements in respect of ESG 
  • Regional and national policy options to reinforce best practices and grow green finance
  • Key areas of focus from a regulatory perspective
  • How ADGM are supporting ESG roadmaps nationally and internationally
  • ADGM’s sustainability goals for harmonisation

This Great Fund Insights podcast will be of interest to sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, family offices, fund managers and portfolio companies with a focus on the Middle East.

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