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Formalising home and mobile work arrangements - what tricky issues do employers need to manage?

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many employers to allow home working or mobile working on a more permanent or hybrid basis for the right roles, or to consider remote work as part of their future work models.

But what tricky issues can arise when formalising these arrangements and managing them once they are in place? In this webinar, members of our global employment team discuss:

  • What will working arrangements look like in a post-pandemic world and what trends can we expect?
  • Should you adjust how you pay homeworkers, and what are the risks of doing so, or of not doing so?
  • How do you monitor homeworkers effectively?
  • What additional challenges can arise if you propose to dismiss homeworkers?
  • What safeguards should be built in to global policies/guidelines and documentation to manage future risk?