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Financier Worldwide Roundtable: Sanctions compliance & enforcement

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Rezendes Maura
Maura Rezendes


Washington, D.C.

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03 March 2022

U.S. partner Maura Rezendes featured in Financier Worldwide Magazine's March 2022 issue as part of a panel of experts in their 'Roundtable' segment Sanctions compliance & enforcement.

Enforcing compliance with economic sanctions has been a top priority for regulators and law enforcement over the past 12 months. Extraordinarily difficult geopolitical issues, where the economic and human consequences are unpredictable and severe, have resulted in the imposition of penalties. As sanctions regulations become more complex, far-reaching and adaptive – demonstrated by the shifting balance between multilateralism and plurilateralism – companies need to be as proactive as possible, ready to quickly respond to new challenges and more complex legal requirements.