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EU contract law: the debate continues

07 January 2013

The EU has been working on European contract law for a decade. With what is now branded a "Common European Sales Law" or CESL, in Viviane Reding's words, we are now entering the "last mile".

Here, we explore the issues surrounding this important EU initiative. The key players are Viviane Reding (Vice-President of the Commission) and Klaus-Heiner Lehne MEP (Chair of the Committee on Legal Affairs). The Commission's October proposal for a Regulation for a Common European Sales Law and press release are published here.

The proposal, as currently envisaged, would be a self standing instrument of European contract law (in addition to the current national laws of contract). It could apply to (small) businesses' and consumers' cross border contracts for the sale of goods and related services as well as digital content.
21 May 2012: Allen & Overy's Response to UK Government's Call for Evidence
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