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Mamma Mia! What's up with virtual hearings?

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21 December 2020

Virtual hearings are so much easier than ones that take place in person – no hassle of getting to court (or even the office), no delays at security, ready access to whatever you need. Or at least, that is the theory. In practice, they can be exhausting affairs. If the technology breaks down that is understandable, but normally it works well. So what is up with virtual hearings?
In part the answer to that question turns on two aspects of communication: the way the human brain deals with it, and the somewhat different way that the internet handles it. Developing a mechanism whereby the two can work more in harmony could make all our days a little less exhausting.  So far as we are aware, only humans are capable of complex communication. Other forms of life, both plant and animal, communicate with one another, but on a simple level: true speech is uniquely human.

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