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Deconstructing Crypto: An Allen & Overy podcast on disruptive trading practices

We have seen a severe shock to the crypto ecosystem in recent months. A number of digital asset platforms have dissolved or been placed into liquidation proceedings, others have sought the protection of bankruptcy laws in the United States and elsewhere and estimates are USD2 billion worth of value has been destroyed.

Before this shock, there have been a number of enforcement actions and civil lawsuits involving alleged disruptive trading practices in cryptocurrency and other digital asset trading markets. We expect this trend to accelerate. Join New York partners Todd Fishman and  Eugene Ingoglia on their podcast series Deconstructing Crypto for discussions on disruptive trading practices. In each episode, they will talk through important conduct considerations, and describe in simple terms their insights on what we might see from enforcers and civil plaintiffs.

As a number of market players continue to make inroads into the digital assets space, we would welcome the opportunity to speak to our experience in these markets and to discuss areas that we expect will be the focus of criminal and civil enforcers as well as private plaintiffs.

Listen to all podcasts, below: