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Podcast: Cyber and data breaches – the questions that always arise

14 October 2019

Cyberattacks make prominent headlines yet many cyber and data breaches remain private. How firms act in the immediate aftermath of being hit may impact how much damage is done. In this cybersecurity podcast, Lawson Caisley, talks through immediate priorities post-attack answering the following key questions:

  • What should be my immediate priorities when hit with a breach?

  • Am I obliged to inform the police?

  • Are civil remedies likely to provide the most effective and immediate protection?

  • Am I permitted to pay a ransom? Should I?

  • When should I report the breach to regulator(s)?

  • When do I go public about the breach?

  • How do I manage communications and minimise adverse publicity?

  • Should I have cyber insurance?

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