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Crypto Loans and Security: Lessons from the Crypto Winter

The cryptocurrency industry – which had been flying high on a two-year long bull market, fuelled by the narrative of ‘decentralised finance’ (DeFi) – has now fallen to earth. Experts from A&O's Singapore and Hong Kong offices consider some of the main issues associated with lending and borrowing crypto-assets: the custody of crypto-assets, the taking of security over crypto-assets and, if the worst comes to the worst, claiming in an insolvency.

This article was initially published in the Q4 2022 issue of INSOL World.

For further reading on crypto and insolvency risk, see our article "Oh no, where's my crypto? What happens to crypto assets when a custodian fails" and "Crypto-tunities: Transaction strategies in the challenging crypto markets", written by our experts in New York and Washington.