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Cross-border survey - Formalising home and mobile work arrangements: FAQs in ten jurisdictions

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The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted views on whether work can be done effectively outside the workplace, prompting many employers to consider allowing home working or mobile working on a more permanent basis for the right roles, or as part of their future work models.

This cross-border survey analyses key local law and industrial relations issues for employers to consider when handling employee requests to change their place of work, and when formalising arrangements. These issues include:

  • Is there a legal right to request a permanent home office/mobile working arrangement?
  • Is there an obligation to consult with employees on an individual or collective basis, or to prepare any documentation, when introducing home office/mobile working?
  • What physical and financial obligations does the employer owe those who work from home or remotely?
  • Can home office/mobile working be unilaterally terminated by the employer?
  • Are there any recent or pending reforms in this area?

Webinar - Formalising home and mobile work arrangements: what tricky issues do employers need to manage?

Click here to watch our webinar “Formalising home and mobile work arrangements: what tricky issues do employers need to manage?” which discussed the issues raised in the survey and provided practical guidance on how to navigate them.