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Covid-19 coronavirus – hot topics from a Luxembourg law perspective

18 March 2020

The Covid-19 coronavirus has had a significant impact on businesses across all sectors and we have received various requests for urgent advice from a Luxembourg perspective. We have decided to share a list of the main topics raised by our clients, so that it might help others to prepare. We will update this as the days and weeks go by – this is of course a rapidly evolving situation.

As always, we are happy to provide further information on any of these topics – please just reach out to your usual Allen & Overy Luxembourg contact

The topics this publication covers are as follows:

  • Employment / labour law 
  • Data, IT security and confidentiality 
  • Regulatory 
  • Governance of Luxembourg companies 
  • Contractual issues 
  • Execution of documents 
  • Effect on distributions and contributions 
  • Insolvency / capital calls 
  • Enforcement 
  • Tax