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Covid-19 coronavirus and global employment law: Managing your workforce throughout the pandemic – part 2

In the second of our series of webinars, members of Allen & Overy’s Global Employment team discussed the significant issues and challenges that employers need to prioritise in relation to managing and supporting their workforce as we continue to navigate the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

This webinar focused on the top five questions clients are asking, including:

  1. What changes to the US employment landscape are expected under the anticipated Biden administration?
  2. With news of a vaccine on the way, what does this mean for employers?
  3. There has been a rise in activism across the world, to what extent can an employer control this or limit an employee's activities? If employees aren’t following guidelines in a personal capacity, can an employers do anything about that?
  4. What is the impact of remote working for those who have spent time in a different country?
  5. Has there been any developments about measuring working time and how organisations can implement it?

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