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Impact on asset and fund managers

01 July 2016

Brexit will impact individual asset and fund managers in different ways depending on whether they are more UK- or EU-focused.

Brexit is likely to be of significant consequence for asset and fund managers who have UK managed funds (whether AIFs or UCITS) offered into the EU and, in the case of UCITS, the rest of the World, and EU funds (whether AIFs or UCITS) managed in the UK and offered into the EU.

Key issues and risks for asset and fund managers include:

  • impact on access to EU single market of going from ‘insider’ to ‘outsider’
  • impact on the financial services regulatory regime
  • disruption in relation to passport rights, generally as well as under AIFMD, MiFID II and UCITS
  • impact on talent, on UK counterparties and the potential relocation of UK headquarters