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Brexit – contingency planning for employers

01 October 2016

Although the longer term impact on UK employment law and worker mobility will depend on the form of the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU, which we will not know for some time, employers can be reassured that there are unlikely to be any short-term changes as EU laws and free movement rights will continue to apply until the point of exit. 

That said, these are some practical steps that in-house counsel and HR teams should consider now so as to be prepared to manage the impact of Brexit on their workforce.

  • Work with your in-house Brexit team
  • Reassure employees
  • Audit your workforce
  • Review European expatriate arrangements
  • Track your European expatriate workers’ immigration status
  • Take steps to secure workers’ UK immigration status
  • Anticipate skills and service gaps
  • Identify any minor contract or policy redrafting
  • Check your EWC agreement
  • Consider risks for benefit plans