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Podcast: ASEAN data protection and privacy: Episode 2 – A deep dive into Singapore

Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) had its first comprehensive review since 2012. The review has changed the Personal Data Protection Commission’s (PDPC) enforcement powers, they can now impose fines of 10% of a company’s turnover under certain circumstances - what does this mean for your businesses? 

The PDPC also recently released guidelines on ‘Personal Data Protection Considerations for Blockchain Design’. As businesses across the world are starting to deploy distributed ledger technologies some of these blockchain networks have started storing personal data. From a practical perspective, how does the PDPA affect businesses that are using blockchain technologies to process personal data?

Tune in to Cedric Lindenmann, Yu Jia Ang and Jessica Dye’s discussion on data protection developments in Singapore.

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Episode 2 – A deep dive into Singapore

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