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How to… manage quotations and benefit statements

Incorrect benefit statements are one of the most common causes of member complaints to the Pensions Ombudsman. This guide sets out a number of tips for trustees and administrators on how to manage the benefit statement process to help avoid incorrect quotations arising in the first place, and how to deal with incorrect quotations when they do arise.

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How to… recover overpaid pensions

When a member has been overpaid a pension, trustees will normally need to take steps to recover those overpayments. However, the process of recovering overpaid pensions can be difficult for trustees and stressful for members, and so needs to be handled carefully. This guide looks at how trustees/administrators can effectively and fairly recover overpaid pensions.

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How to… avoid death benefit disputes

Death benefit decisions are often challenged by potential beneficiaries who feel that the trustees have erred when deciding to whom lump sum death benefits are to be paid. This practical guide helps trustees get the decision-making process right and avoid challenges to their death benefit decisions.

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How to… manage communications

Statements in member communications run the risk of providing members with incorrect information or even, in some cases, conferring on members greater benefits than the trustees or employers intended. This guide provides a number of useful tips to help trustees and employers avoid common pitfalls with member communications while ensuring that communications remain clear and helpful to members.

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How to… avoid ill-health disputes

The denial of an ill-health early retirement pension is another common source of complaint to the Pensions Ombudsman. This practical guide will help ensure that trustees get their decision-making process right and avoid challenges from members who feel they have been unfairly denied an ill-health pension.

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