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Conduct campaign graphic
Conduct campaign graphic

Organisational culture and conduct

Today’s regulators want to see organisations embedding corporate values across their businesses and taking active steps to tackle and eradicate inappropriate behaviours.

But conduct challenges arise in all firms on a daily basis – helping individuals make sound judgements and know what is expected of them is the key to bringing a corporate code of conduct to life.

Organisations need to better understand their existing cultures if they are to drive good conduct going forward through ongoing awareness and engagement strategies. Simply having values written down and explained during one-off training is no longer enough to satisfy growing demands around risk, compliance and governance.

To assist businesses getting to grips with culture and conduct challenges in their organisations, A&O Consulting has developed a conduct toolkit that includes a benchmarking tool and conduct scenarios to help instigate productive discussions on relevant and grey area topics. 

Whether tackling questions around speaking up, harassment or wellbeing, the aim is to provoke debate and start a substantive conversation on the conduct expected within a firm.

By using real life scenarios to start discussions on conduct challenges, our toolkit encourages team members to consider the conflicts they face in their everyday roles and share thoughts on how to resolve them. 


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