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Record-breaking total for Global Charity Partner War Child

24 October 2018

Over the course of our two year partnership with War Child, A&O staff and partners have raised more than GBP1.5 million in cash for War Child – nearly GBP600,000 more than we have raised for any other charity partner.

We have also given over GBP175,000 worth of pro bono (both legal and other professional skills) and GBP8,000 in-kind support to the charity over the two years.

Watch the video to see the difference our support has made.

Rescue Childhood

As a result of our efforts, War Child has been able to set up an early education and psychosocial support centre in Emirati Camp in Jordan. Rescue Childhood is the only facility in the camp providing early education services and psychosocial support for young children. To date, it’s helped 304 children with early education and 386 children with psychosocial support.

Rescue Childhood also offers positive parenting classes, which help parents come to terms with what they experienced in Syria, enabling them to give the best care possible to their children. War Child has increased the number of classes on offer thanks to positive feedback from parents taking part. So far, 280 parents have completed the programme, 160 more than originally planned.

By the time the project finishes in July 2019, 2,310 children and 1,185 adults will have benefited from Rescue Childhood.

Flexible funding

An important part of all of our Global Charity Partnerships is providing "unrestricted" funding, which the charity can use to invest in its own operations, or direct to underfunded or emergency situations. It’s vital A&O offers this type of funding through our partnerships because it helps the charity plan for the future, beyond our relationship, and it allows the charity to make investments in parts of its operations that multiply in income over time.

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child, says, "unrestricted income has helped us in so many ways over the last two years. For instance, we recently hired two specialist fundraisers in our gaming team, who together have grown our income from the gaming industry from GBP500,000 to GBP1 million every year".

"Unrestricted funding has also enabled us to continue vital work which is difficult to fundraise for – often because it’s happening in a region that is out of the media spotlight", explains Rob. "In Central African Republic, we’re working with children who are struggling to reintegrate into their families or communities having been formerly recruited by armed groups as soldiers or slaves."

"We’ve found that the current funding cycles from the humanitarian sector to support these children are too short, so we’re not only embarking on longer-term programmes, but we’re advocating to big funders to follow suit," says Rob. "We couldn't do that without this type of donation".

Pro bono support

We also provided War Child with pro bono and volunteering support throughout the partnership: on the legal side, ranging from advice on electoral rules in the run-up to the UK general election, to commercial, IP and employment matters; and, on the non-legal side, translation support, graphic design and presentation skills training.

The largest pro bono project has been a review of War Child’s safeguarding policies and procedures in the wake of serious complaints made against other charities at the start of 2018. While War Child was not associated with any of those complaints, A&O teams have helped to review its safeguarding policies and governance framework – including on recruitment, training and security – to ensure its practices meet the highest standards.

Thank you

Rob Williams said, "Allen & Overy has enabled us to fully fund a new child friendly space in Jordan’s Emirati Refugee Camp and raised funds to support our emergency responses, ensuring we can reach children when and where the need is greatest"

"It has been invaluable for us to have the support of Allen & Overy to best serve the children we seek to protect, so the difference you have made in the last two years has been enormous. From everyone at War Child UK, thank you so much."

"We’ve achieved so much with War Child – we’ve raised far more money than we thought, which means we’ve been able to help thousands of children affected by conflict, not only now but in the future too", says Wim Dejonghe, who went to Jordan to visit the work we’ve funded in November last year.

"I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed – in big ways and in small. About 95% of the money we’ve raised has come from individual donations from people at A&O, which just goes to show how much can be achieved through these partnerships."

A&O’s next global charity partnership with Hope and Homes for Children will begin on 1 November.​