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New handbook on EU State Aids published

25 November 2016

This week a new handbook on EU State Aids was published. The work covers the substantive and procedural aspects of state aid law and policy in detail, analysing the underlying rules in depth and how they have been applied by the commission and the courts.

Editors are Tom Ottervanger, Leigh Hancher (both from Allen & Overy) and Prof. Piet Jan Slot. Two chapters were written by Antonio Bavasso (on Broadcasting) and Mark Friend (on State Guarantees) from the London office of Allen & Overy. 

It is an invaluable resource to all those involved in advising or litigating matters of state aid, from lawmakers to regulators, lawyers, economists and courts.
Highlights include:
  • The European Commission’s considerable power to monitor, control and restrict the forms and levels of aid given by all EU member states to their industries
  • The aviation, sports and broadband sectors in new dedicated chapters
  • State aid in specific sectors, including the financial sector, agriculture, large investment projects, transport and broadcasting
  • The economic aspects concerning State aid such as the market investor principle
  • The administrative procedure for examining State aid
  • The procedures for illegal state aid complaints
  • Summaries of all cases by the General Court and the Court of Justice
  • Relevant rules, regulations, notices and guidance notes, with references to full texts
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